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Kaiku Entertainment - A Music Company

Kaiku Entertainment is a music company, an umbrella for three main operations: Kaiku Recordings, an independent record label, Kaiku Songs, a music publishing department, and Kaiku Agency Oy, the live music unit.

On top of this Kaiku Entertainment has a strategic partnership with Universal Music. Kaiku acts as a talent scout, a&r, and talent nurturing unit for Universal Music Finland with a target in strengthening the domestic roster of Universal Finland.

Kaiku Recordings is a label releasing music without any genre limitations. The focus is in the song itself. We firmly believe it´s the brilliant song that helps its singer find the audience - with a little support from the record company. And everyone has to have the time and patience to wait the perfect song to appear. The financial quarters don´t rule in Kaiku´s decision making. We try to make perfect records, not perfect schedules.

Kaiku Recordings releases are distributed by Universal Music. 

The publishing arm Kaiku Songs has a bunch of housewriters, Eppu Kosonen, Simo Reunamäki and Ilkka Wirtanen - just name a few. All the main genres are covered. 

Kaiku Agency is a steadily growing booking office. A part of the live acts we plant and nurture ourselves, in close co-operation with our own a&r. The other part comes from the market. Our bookers know what they are doing. Everyone has a strong live experience, either from the bookig business or from artistic history.

And you don´t have to be a Kaiku Recordings artist to be an Agency artist. Also a contract solely for the agency is possible.

The main idea is to take a holistic care of the artist´s career, to develop all the areas of artistry - at the same time and in sync with each other.

Kaiku Entertainment Oy (including publishing) is owned by Pekka Ruuska. Kaiku Agency Oy is a company of its own, co-owned by Susanna Nykänen and Pekka Ruuska.

In a close co-operation is also a music production company and studio Hip Music Productions Oy, owned also by Pekka Ruuska. 

Pekka Ruuska
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